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Ryunosuke Yamagishi - Zasso [sing with a guitarver] Recorded Talk

I did the overall audio recording and editing of Ryunosuke Yamagishi's "Zasso" sing with a guitar version.

In this article, I'll mainly write about the recording equipment.

First, the microphone.

It looks very cool, sounds great, and is reasonably priced.

It's also a very sturdy microphone, so many people take it outside with them.

There's an official video of him punching the mic, so please check it out!

There is also a smaller model called AST-ORIGIN which is cheaper and easier to handle.

Ha! That's a great promotion for Mike!

This is how the recording environment looks like.

I'm often asked why, but there's only one reason.

It's bus-powered, so you don't need an outlet!

That's it.

From there, I record the sound using ProTools.

And this time, did you notice the sound of insects and cars outside in the video?

It's amazing who noticed.

In fact, the sound was not picked up by Aston, but was recorded in stereo by ZOOM H2n.

So if you listen with earphones, you will hear stereo sound.

(I was afraid of phase shift...)

It's not really important, but that's what I'm saying.(?)

That's how I talked about audio recording this time.


It's fun to record outside!

Please check out the full story!




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