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Changed artist name from So-Ma:p to "SOZEN".

I started working in earnest as "So-Ma:p" in 2018, and have been involved in various releases and jobs until today.

I've decided to change my name from the familiar "So-Ma:p" to "SOZEN".

In Japanese, it will be written as "颯禅".

As for the reason for the change, frankly speaking, the influence of special characters was a major factor.

・Cannot type "So-Ma:p" in SNS hashtags.

・I can't use ":" in file names on my computer.

・The name "So-Ma:p" was given to me because I wanted to be a Vocaloid P, so it doesn't fit my current activities.

This is the main reason.

Next is the meaning behind "SOZEN - 颯禅".

My real name is Sohma Ohtsubo, and "Soh" means "dash" and "Zen" means "what will I express as an artist," which is an eternal challenge.

I'll be participating in events as "So-Ma:p" throughout September, and from October I'll be making art, working, and participating in events as "SOZEN.

Please keep up the good work!


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