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I have a song released by MEGAREX!

So-Ma:p - Summer Drop (feat. Akira Kusaka) was released in MRX-064 "encore plus chapitre 01".

So-Ma:p - Summer Drop (feat. Akira Kusaka)!

The lyrics and vocals are by Akira Kusaka!

This CD includes "The Way of Adventure" by rejection

Moments" by Mameyudoufu

The last one is "Summer Drop" by me, So-Ma:p.

It was my first challenge to be included in the gorgeous production team, and I was very nervous.

Between you and me, I struggled a lot to complete this song after making about 5 rejected versions.

I hope you will listen to it, as it is a work with a strong emotional attachment.

Note: Following Live Like This, Summer Drop is now on the official Spotify playlist "Electropolis"!

More info/Buy :


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